Dec 2020

Piles are haemorrhoids that cause swelling and also bleeding. Hemorrhoids can be defined as the mass or clump of tissues developing in the anal canal. Bleeding includes blood vessels, support tissue, muscles, and elastic fibers.
Bleeding hemorrhoids can be treated using several methods or forms of surgery. The Ayurvedic form of treatment called Agni Karma is an effective and natural cure for hemorrhoids. On the other hand, a medical procedure known as infra red coagulation therapy can also be performed for effective treatment of hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids.
Agni Karma an Ayurvedic treatment for Agni remedies
The word 'Agni' in Sanskrit refers to 'fire'. Agni Karma is an Ayurvedic medicine, which involves the use of Agni or Agni. It is also called firing. Agni Karma is popularly called Dahan Karma. Agni Karma is used in the treatment of many different types of diseases. This is a good method for the treatment of bleeding.
In this process any ill surface or tissue of the body, such as haemorrhoids, is destroyed and burnt using electric current and cold to warm temperatures. An acidic agent is also used to treat bleeding hemorrhoids in the process of Agni Karma, like alkali karma.
The different types of agni karma include:
High fire
Durdaghda / improper burn surgery
Extremely powerful / extra cautious
Samya dagdha / proper fire work
Infra red coagulation therapy
Infra red coagulation therapy or infra red photo coagulation is a medical procedure. Which is used to treat hemorrhoids and can only treat internal hemorrhoids.
A device is used during the process, which produces a beam of intense, powerful infrared light. The heat released by infrared light causes memorial tissue and bleeding to cut blood pressure. This results in the death of hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids and a scar on the wall of the anal canal. The surrounding nerves are held together by scar tissue, which prevents them from bulging into the anal canal.
Ayurvedic treatment Agni Karma is considered as an effective medical treatment procedure of infra red coagulation therapy. this is because:
Agni karma is a more natural method of healing for bleeding of fire and no unnatural substance like infra red light beam is used.
Agni Karma provides treatment without failure and success is guaranteed.
Apart from this, Gugulu Alkali Sutra therapy is also one of the best treatments - no side effects and no possibility of recurrence. No hospital stay, no pain, join duty immediately.
Agnikala is the age-old technique of providing relief by giving special energy (heat) to the aching part of the body with a fire plate made of iron, copper, silver, vang, bronze or mixed metal. It is useful for removing various muscles of the body and their disorders. The patient does not feel any pain due to this treatment. If the patient is sitting with his eyes closed, he does not know that he has been treated with fire. On Tuesday, with the help of some similar techniques, fire fighting experts treated the patients reached in Ayurveda University.
Immediate relief in knee and back pain
Fire treatment is effective for the treatment of diseases like knee, back pain, heel, sprain, headache, sciatica and arthritis. Treatment usually takes 2 to 5 minutes at a time and the patient also feels immediate benefit.
Agnikarma (thermal couture) is an ancient technique derived from the Indian system of medicine, Ayurveda. The technique of firefighting is designed to relieve various muscle and joint pain disorders.
The term agnikarma means the use of agni (heat). Agni (thermal couture) involves a process whereby heat is transferred to the affected parts of the body in an unsatisfactory manner using metal shalaka (metal rod). Therapeutic burns using these metal rods are made on the basis of expert knowledge in many areas, including various types of disorders, the constitution of the patient, the severity of the disorder.
Agnikarma (thermal couture) is described in the Ayurvedic literature of the Sushruta Samiti, written by the legendary Vedic Indian surgeon Sushruta, often referred to as the father of modern surgery, where he described the effects of agnikarma on the bone (bone) ) Is described on the disorder of the joint, joint (joint), and ligament / tendon.
Agnikarm (thermal couture) is effective in conditions of severe pain and chronic pain. Knee pain, Sciatica, spondylitis, Slipped disc, Neck pain, Cervical spondylitis, Osteoarthritis, Tennis elbow, Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), Heel pain, Plantar fasciitis, Myofascial pain, Chronic fatigue pain, Frozen shoulder etc. The condition is treated with the help of Agni Cautery treatment. Panchakarma (five-fold measures of bio-purification treatment procedures), one of the great features of Ayurveda, comes under the treatment of Shodhana, although it is not completely resected. Is because it has the qualities of Brahman, shaman etc. Most Panchakarma procedures are resection in their therapeutic action.
Panchakarma presents a unique approach to Ayurvedic treatment with 5 specially designed procedures for internal purification of all parts / channels of the body.
Highly personalized based on the needs of the person based on body type, dosha imbalance etc.
Panchakarma also recommended it as a seasonal treatment to tone your mind- body system Panchakarma processes purify all gross and subtle channels, eliminate toxins and stagnant wastes and metabolism from the body.
Panchakarma improves the absorption and metabolism of nutrients as well as medicines and also enhances immunity.