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    adventurous Story-Driven Board Games

    Adventurous Story-Driven Board Games

    The ‘Tidal Blades 2’ RPG board game is an immersive pastime for players that will whisk them away to a different world as they strategize against their opponent(s) to come out victorious.

    The game is for one to four players aged 14 and up, and will take 60 to 90-minutes to play, which consists of campaign-based dungeon crawl rounds or in an endless adventure role-playing game (RPG) system. The detailed aspects of the game and components will help to further immerse the players in the pastime.

    The ‘Tidal Blades 2’ RPG board game can be played on its own or with the 400-page book that offers participants with a new way to play that is virtually never-ending.